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Meet the Doctor


Dr. Marc Golub has been a licensed Chiropractor for over twelve years and an ACE certified personal trainer for over eight years. His thriving career in the Chiropractic field has allowed him to work with professional athletes, celebrities, professional musicians, and actors. His enthusiasm and comprehensive manner makes patients feel at ease from the moment they enter his Santa Monica office.

Raised on Long Island , New York , Dr. Golub completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Maryland where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance. He then moved west to attend the renowned Palmer Chiropractic College . While in the bay area, Dr. Golub was an examination doctor for Dr. Nick Athens, a prominent chiropractor in San Francisco . There he worked on rehabilitating top athletes from the San Francisco Giants, the San Francisco 49ers and the San Jose Sharks.

Dr. Golub relocated to Los Angeles in 1994 to start his own practice at the prestigious Beverly Hills Chiropractic Center . He quickly became known as “the secret weapon” to the entertainment industry elite. After five years, Dr. Golub sold his practice and went on to found Daydreamers Mobile Health & Fitness. This practice caters to an upscale clientele by providing mobile chiropractic care, personal training and nutritional counseling. In addition to traveling to private residences, Dr. Golub makes “house calls” to studios, concert venues, corporate offices and prestigious hotels including the Beverly Hills Hotel, the L'Ermitage, and the Bel Age, to name a few.

In 2001, Dr. Golub partnered with the Beverly Hills Surgical Institute to open multidisciplinary therapy centers throughout greater Los Angeles . There he acted as the lead Chiropractor at three Locations: Beverly Hills , Encino and Long Beach , where he worked with post-traumatic and post-surgical rehabilitation patients. While at the institute, Dr. Golub became certified as an Industrial Disability Evaluator (IDE) and as a practitioner of Manipulation Under Anesthesia (MUA), performing over 70 MUAs.

Dr. Golub's entrepreneurial spirit soon led him to found the Santa Monica Pain Management Center . As a practitioner, Dr. Golub prefers to analyze a patient's lifestyle and evaluate the mind-body connection, not just limiting his examination to the spine or the injured area. His approach to wellness encompasses exam and analyzation, treatment, functional exercise rehabilitation, and lifestyle recommendations that involve methods of stress reduction and dietary guidelines. As an IDE, Dr. Golub works with Human Resource Departments at major corporations such as the Park Hyatt to develop protocols for “warming up” before the start of the work day. The staff is taught a variety of movements and stretches to help prevent injuries at work and increase productivity.

With a zeal for innovation, Dr. Golub continues to seek out new ways of improving the quality of life for his patients. Dr. Golub's latest discovery is called SpineForce. SpineForce is the first technology that targets the deep spinal musculature, the most important yet most neglected part of the body. This technology, now offered at his Santa Monica office, aids in preventing injuries, speeds recovery and healing time, and increases muscle coordination and strength not only in the spine but also in the entire body. The future for Dr. Golub and his patients is bright as he continues to strive for excellence in all his endeavors.